The Antigravity Microstart XP-1 Kit

We seen a few interesting products over the last few years, but most aren't that helpful and they become quickly gadgets we forget at home as we not need them. The Antigravity Microstart XP-1 is a gadget that we probably love to take on our road trips. Not only will it charge you mobile phone with ease, but it will also charge your Bluetooth headsets, tablets, and any other USB-charged device without any problems.

But you would probably say I have already a battery pack that can do that... But the Antigravity Microstart XP-1 is also capable to power up your dead battery in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road.
The Antigravity Microstart XP-1 features three on board power ports: a 19-volt port for laptops/notebooks, a 12-volt standard output for all 12-volt accessories, and a USB 5-volt output for charging or powering any 5-volt USB device..

When we first took a look at the Antigravity Microstart XP-1, we thought to ourselves, how would it be possible that this small device , going to jump-start a motorcycle – the manufacturer even claims that it's capable of jump-starting an old style V8 Chevy. If there were any doubt in our minds we definitely stood corrected after hooking up the mini cables to the terminals of a tired old battery on a 1200cc V-twin we had colledting dust around the workshop. All in all, the Antigravity Microstart XP-1 delivers. And for US$ 160 (without shipping) it's definitely worth having one if you in trouble.
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