The Alpinestars Tech 7 Supermoto Boots

Despite multiple long days of supermoto trashing on the new KTM 990 SM T, my Alpinestars Tech 7 boots still look the business and I'm super happy to report they're just as comfortable as I hoped they'd be. Riding a supermoto or motard style motorcycle you basically need different boots as the style of riding is completely different. The thick soles of the Alpinestars Tech 7 boots are holding up well, although the inside of the left sole is beginning to show some wear due to the up and down motion of shifting gears. The buckling system on the Alpinestars Tech 7 boots offers plenty of adjustability for a snug fit.

However, if you don't keep the buckles clean they can be almost impossible to operate. Seriously, these buckles will not lock or unlock if they're dirty. I asked an Alphinestars distributor about this and here's what they said 'Alphinestars boots offer more ankle support when compared to opposition brand. Most of this support comes from the ability of the Alpinestars buckle system to hold the boot together without loosening. So the buckles are heavy duty and have a close tolerance locking mechanism to stop buckles becoming undone while riding. We have never had a report of an Alpinestars boot buckle coming undone.
The only issue with this system is if you do not clean your boots regularly, the buckles can be difficult to operate. Alpinestars makes no excuse for that. It's a race boot for serious riders who care for their gear. If the rider is not so serious and does not clean his boots regularly, then maybe he needs a cheaper boot with a more basic buckle system.

Generally what happens is a rider will try to force the buckle closed and what that does is bend the buckle pin. This then makes the buckle always difficult to close, and the buckle really needs to be replaced. Riders just need to clean the boots and buckles properly after every ride” sounds like a fair explanation to me, what do you think....? For more information and prices you can checkout Alpinestars Tech 7 supermoto boots
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