The Alpinestars Java X-Trafit Motorcycle Gloves

If I'd tried these Alpinestars Java X-Trafit gloves on in a shop, I'm not sure I'd have bought them. And that would have been a big mistake. The reason I'd have been put off initially was the feel. Out of the packet, the Alpinestars Java X-Trafit gloves felt a little stiff and a little cheap too. But after breaking them in over about a week, I was more than delighted with their feel, performance and quality... which goes to show how wrong first impressions can be.

The Alpinestars Java X-Trafit glove is actually made from goatskin and rip-stop textile, which makes it very light. It features a new Gore-Tex X-Trafit 100 percent waterproof inner lining, designed to increase feel, freedom of movement and tactility – as well as keeping out water. Once broken in, the Alpinestar Java X-Trafic gloves archieve this; the feel is somewhere between a thin winter glove and leather race glove. I've worn them with average Thai temperatures without over-heating or sweating, and through some colder morning riding and wet days, again with no complaints. So, I agree Alpinestars – they are all-weather riding gloves. The only thing I'm not sure about is their freezing weather performance, but who cares about that in Thailand.
The Alphinestars Java X-Trafit have all the usual stretch panels and pre-curved finger construction you'd expect from high-end motorcycle gloves, and a visor-wipe on the left hand, which is a little low for me. I use the goatskin on the end of the fingers and this has worked very well so far. The micro-Velcro used to secure the cuffs (which are squishy enough to fit inside a sleeve or big enough to fit over) is like nothing I've seen before.

The scratchy half is replaced with a new material, but it works as well, if not better, than normal Velcro. The Alpinestars Java X-Trafit gloves are available in plain black or black-chocolate, in sizes S to XXXXL.

Protection-wise, they don't compare to race motorcycle gloves, but they are reinforced and padded, so I feel safe enough wearing them. Apart from the initial feel, the Alpinestars Java X-Trafit gloves are very impressive all-round motorcycle gloves.
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