The All New Suzuki Jelato 125

Finally, after years of riding on the back of my fiancé's bike, I have my own two wheels. It's Suzuki Jelato 125, a fashion-forward, retro-styled 125cc scooter. On the very first day I had it, I happily took it to work, and with my newfound ability to scoot around traffic shaved 10 minutes off my normal 30-minute commute. Pulling into the office, my co-workers stopped and stared as I kicked off my boots and slipped on my high heels – I have this thing for shoes.

They all think the Suzuki Jelato 125 is cool, and it's even cooler that I'm the one riding it.

Confidently I headed home that evening, feeling pretty fabulous as I got nods from guys on their motorcycles. I was almost to my neighborhood, rounding a corner when – splat! - something thumped my helmet, then my wrist, then my hand. A bird had torpedoed me from above...

The bird incident aside, the Suzuki Jelato 125 is great. The Suzuki Jelato 125 is power by a 124cc engine equipped with Suzuki's latest small engine fuel injection system. This fuel-injection system, which Suzuki calls DCP-FI, is likely the main source of it's power. It beats the Yamaha Fino and Honda Click-i, but honestly, a city girl doesn't need this much power.
The Twist and Go automatic CVT transmission means there's no shifting, and the single cylinder 125cc fuel-injection engine is more than powerful enough to send me zipping through traffic, At 110km on larger streets the Suzuki Jelato 125 feels solid, but much faster than that and it starts to shake; good thing it tops out at around 120km/h. The brakes feel solid , too, though after a lot of stop-and-go riding my hand hurts from squeezing the lever. Perhaps the best part about the Suzuki Jelato is it's inconspicuous. I get away with whizzing by cops who think nothing of a girl on a scooter. I hear you say, with horsepower comes weight, however, with a dry weight of only 105 kilo it is not that bad.

The name of the Suzuki Jelato, has something Italian, and that is true it sounds like Gelato, which is ice-cream in Italian language...

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