The Advanced Corona Ignition System

Researchers in Europe have developed a new take on the humble spark plug. Scientists claim that the replacement for the spark plug allow manufacturers to run higher levels of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) resulting in up to 10 percent fuel saving.

Its Advanced Corona Ignition System (ACIS), as the new technology is called, features a four-pointed star transmitting a low current 25,000 volt discharge creates ultra hot plasma. Running at 1 Mhz the high intensity plasma stream excites the air-fuel molecules into combustion whereas a conventional spark plug relies on ignition.
One of the main challenges going forward to future exhaust emissions is meeting particulate numbers in combustion engines which are likely to be very difficult.

Introducing Direct Injection (DI) can deliver up to 20 percent CO2 improvement and even homogenous Direct Injection can deliver 15 percent improvement compared with current widely used multi-point fuel injection.. Tag: Ignition Ignition-Coils Engine Technical Parts
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