The AXO 5to9 Riding Shoes

At our office a debate has been going on regarding riding boots for daily use in Thailand. A couple of my colleagues throw on a pair of old sneakers and think they're protected; the more serious bunch show up wearing full protection race boots, but I'm often on and off my motorcycle. That makes a good set of strong shoes or a pair of the 50/50 or half boots the perfect fit for a rider like myself.

AXO recently developed its new 5to9 shoes for the streetbike crowd. A shoe that has the support and protection for casual riding, but the comfort and cool style to wear off the motorcycle, whether you're headed to work or out with friends.

The AXO 5to9 shoes are comfortable, and the pads in the ankles protect your anklebones pretty well comprared to regular shoes. They utilize a BOA closure system, instead of the bulky buckles and dangerous laces found on other riding shoes. Featuring a ratcheting spool and stainless steel laces, BOA technology allows you to find the perfect fit and fine-tune it any time you need with a twist of the easy-to-turn ratchet. And when the ride is over, the AXO 5to9 is just as easy to take off with a simple quick-release opening system.
There is a leather pad on the top part of the shoe, so you don't wreck them shifting. The toe section is a bit thick, so it takes a little to get adjusted to shifting. The color and design of the AXO 6to9 shoes are cool, but not too flashy. Right up my ally.

The AXO 5to9 shoes are available in both the featured black/red design, as well a blue/yellow look in sizes 7 to 13 (US sizes), with an additional size 10½, that was a great fit for my size 11 feet.
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