The 2014 BMW R1200GS - Go-Anywhere Bike

Starting a new chapter for any model is a difficult process. Sure, it seems simple. Just make it better. The thing is, you still want to keep the core customers happy while making improvements to entice new buyers. With so many directions to go in, there is a fine line between too much and too little, and BMW tried hard to land in the right spot with the new BMW R1200GS.

The BMW R1200GS, with the next-generation Boxer engine has been completely redesigned with liquid-cooling, and integrated gearbox with an eight-disc wet clutch, and 'vertical flow intake.' These changes improved power and torque across the whole rev range and also resulted in better shifting and fuel efficiency.

The new power on the BMW R1200GS is managed by five different riding modes – Dynamic, Rain, Road, Enduro, and Enduro Pro – and controlled by an electronic ride-by-wire throttle, which has an easy, precise twist on the handlebar. With the new electronic throttle, the engine mimics what your wrist is doing exactly. Each mode reacts as you would expect by its given name and affects the ABS, ASC (Traction Control), and Dynamic ESA (Electronic Adjusted Suspension).

We had loads of fun on the street when riding in Dynamic mode. The BMW R1200GS pulled hard from down low through to the top with plenty of torque. The new liquid-cooled engine has a fun, sporty feel and was quick to put a smile on our faces. The Enduro or Enduro Pro modes are a definite must when riding off road. They let the wheels spin just the right amount, and while Enduro Pro does turn off ABS in the rear, standard Enduro doesn't, and every one of our off-road riders preferred to disable the ABS when riding in the dirt.

The riding modes on the BMW R1200GS can be easily selected on the fly with the touch of a button and a pull of the clutch, so crossing from dirt to pavement isn't an issue. However, the Enduro Pro mode can only be accessed by plugging in a coupler under the seat. Each mode also selects a predetermined suspension setting – soft, normal, hard – and thanks to the ESA system any of these settings can also be engaged on the fly while riding in any mode, except for the Enduro modes where only soft and hard settings can be selected. The change between each Dynamic ESA setting is very noticeable, and the on-the-fly adjustment gives you instant gratification when going from perfectly smooth pavement to a pothole-riddled back road.

The ABS and ASC on the BMW R1200GS can also be disabled, but that can only be done while stopped. This makes the new BMW R1200GS very tunable, so you can easily adjust the motorcycle to fit your riding style or changing road conditions.

The all-new, improved chassis and Dynamic ESA suspension of the BMW R1200GS really complement the new engine, which is also more compact so the rider has a little more room in the cockpit. This BMW has a light steering feel yet is still very stable on and off road. This makes the BMW R1200GS easy to set up for corners and change line direction when needed. The BMW R1200GS has a great feel for the road and is a blast to carve through twisty roads. The fast but smooth power combined with the overall ride and feel of the new BMW R1200GS gives your the confidence to charge through corners and still open it up in the straights.

The light handling also benefits those long rides in the dirt and sand because the motorcycle is easy to correct when the ground sends you in a direction you hadn't planned on going. The BMW R1200GS is a great motorcycle to chase down those crotch rockets in the mountains but gives you the freedom to hit whatever dirt road calls to you. Its a real go everywhere motorcycle...

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