The 2013 Honda Wave 125i - 63.3 kilometers per liter

When it comes to an efficient, good quality and economical motorcycle for daily commuting short distances in Thailand you cannot overlook the Honda Wave 125i. It's maybe not designed to show-of to friends at the motorcycle club, but it's highly fuel efficient, runs for ever with its nearly indestructible engine, and seems to be able to transport anythings as you can see on the streets in Bangkok.

With the rains being predictable and sunnier moments becoming more common, the latest Honda Wave 125i is spending more and more time on the road, and less in the garage.

The Honda Wave 125i is one of the motorcycles I not often take out of the garage. It's been sitting in a corner ignored because of the rainy weather. For sunny weekends rides I'd end up riding the higher-capacity motorcycles, or scooters that have storage space for my helmet.
First starting the Honda Wave 125i after over a month inactive duty took only one try. Once the engine was warmed up, the 125cc fuel-injected engine ran, smooth, with minimal vibration and nearly not noticeable. As usual, the small dimensions and peppy 125cc engine meant I could flick the motorcycle around quite easily. The comfortable riding position keeps traffic fatigue to a minimum.

The front disc and rear drum brake work nicely, an optional rear disc brake would have been nice. Which is not to say the current rear drum brake is not effective enough, but as with any drum brake, after a few good bursts of braking, they tend to go loose.

As far as fuel economy goes, the Honda Wave 125i is still surviving on that single tank-up we did when the motorcycle was first delivered. Honda claims 63.3 kilometers per one liter fuel, but that is probably only in strict laboratory conditions – still the fuel efficiency is impressive. So yes, fuel prices hikes shouldn't bother me for a bit as long as I go for another tank-up in some time.

Its looks may be the only thing the Honda Wave 125i disappoints on. Mind you, it doesn't look bad from any angle. For the price it's at, it looks nicely put together, draped in a neat inoffensive design.

The Honda Wave 125i is the best tool for moving around a busy city, it's strong, fuel efficient, easy to operate and a good value for money – all things you would expect from a good tool in the garage...
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