The 2012 Yamaha FZ8 - After a Few Months

An item that really should be standard on all liquid-cooled motorcycles with forward-facing radiators is a strong mesh guard of some sort. Our friends Yamaha FZ8 has such a radiator and as there is always the likelihood of picking a stone and the repair costing a significant amount of cash, Yamaha genuine accessories offer an 'FZ8' etched radiator guard, that maintains the manufacturer's warranty. Cost is almost 7,000 THB and boy has it tricked up the styling!

What do you think? If your manufacturer does not offer such a tasty item as Yamaha, remember there are always aftermarket supplies like Bike Bandit who have mesh guards for just about all makes and models.

Our friend has had the Yamaha FZ8 for a couple of months now and he has grown to love the power characteristics of the engine. You can ride it lazily around town under 6,000rpm, or punch it up into the meaty zone and really have some fun. Fuel economy varies more than with most other motorcycles, depending on which part of the rev range you choose. The only thing our friend still doesn't like is that it is a little reluctant to get away from standstill at low revs.
The brakes have been good, but a set of Hel Performance braided lines will be going on, to give even more feel and better power.

Comfort has been excellent, and every little enhancement our friend made to the Yamaha FZ8 seems to make it more and more like the kind of motorcycle he'd want it to be. As the Yamaha FZ8 is mainly for the purpose of commuting to work, the modifications to the motorcycle are limited.

Overall, at this early stage, the Yamaha FZ8 has shown it is the kind of motorcycle you can just jump on, do anything and feel really good about yourself while doing it.
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