The 2010 BMW K 1300 R, the Big German

The BMW K 1300 R is about as high-end as a nakedbike can get. Duo-lever suspension, Automatic Stability Control and ABS brakes set it apart from other motorcycles in it's class.

The forward-slanting, 1293cc in-line-four-cylinder engine is an absolute powerhouse. It stomps the competition in overall torque to the point where it makes even torque kings like the Triumph Speed Triple feel slow and lethargic and the silky smooth fueling and throttle response, equipped with a slick quickshift gear-box means the BMW K 1300 R is a breeze to ride despite its size.

The BMW K 1300 R is a big bike but most of the weight is carried close to the center of the machine which makes the K 1300 R an excellent stably motorcycle, even with a full fuel-tank.

It' s amazing the speed at which you can change direction for a motorcycle of this length. The BMW K 1300 R is not lightning quick like some Italian big build machines but the BWM is a different motorcycle altogether. The speed of turn might be surprising but the accuracy definitely isn't. It never wavers from its chosen line mid-corner, possibly due in part to the fact it's fully-fuel-loaded 240kg weight.
The Duo-lever-front-end suspension gives a vague sensation at first – it' s easy to get confused until you reprogram you brain and accept that the fact that you'd have to screw up pretty bad to tuck the front-end in a turn. The front-end suspension provides a level of stability almost unmatched by any big machine out on the market, and, with the rear staying constantly compliant over the roughest of roads, you end up riding much faster and with greater ease than before.

Comfort on the BMW is second to none. Relatively low pegs, and easy reach to the handlebars and a surprisingly skinny seat, compared to other heavy big bikes, means you can ride for hours.

BMW has finally brought the machine into the 21st century and fitted international standard extras, and the mirrors provide an excellent view of traffic behind you. Pillions are easily accommodated on the BMW K 1300 R. It's very hard to fault. Absolute destruction. Aggressive. Adrenaline pure. Even when the BMW K 1300 R is standing still. The only turn-off we could find for the BMW K 1300 R was it's purchase ticket which stands at 1,050,000 Baht.
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