The 2009 Yamaha XT250 Serow Trail Enduro Bike

The Yamaha XT Serow has been a favorite among trail-riders for many years. For young riders or those small in stature the Yamaha XT250 Serow has been a reliable and forgiving machine with a big reputation. The mighty XT was never about being a scorching enduro weapon yet it's still made a name for itself and, with the demand worldwide for trail machine still high, Yamaha set about making the Yamaha XT250 better then ever before.

The air-cooled four-stroke engine has been beefed up from 223cc to 249cc which delivers an extra five horsepower. That might not sound like a great deal to some of you, but with just 21 horses to your name you get to appreciate even the slightest power increases.

Other obvious improvements to the Yamaha XT250 Serow include a new color scheme, new rear disc brake to replace the old and outdated drum brake and increased fuel capacity to 10 liters. Further updates that prove harder to spot at t first glance are the new 33mm vacuum carburetor, new semi-crade frame and new front and rear suspension. There's also a new tubeless rear tire and more ground clearance.
While the more serious rider might look at the Yamaha XT250 as little more than a glorified bike, you can't deny the fact the Yamaha XT250 would be ideal for Thai city traffic and some basic trail-riding. The low 810mm seat height and 123kg claimed dry weight of the Yamaha XT250 make it manageable for just about anyone.

The outright power of the 250cc is never going to win any drag races but it will take you anywhere a bigger bike will go and it'll keep on going and going. The air-cooled four-stroke engine has a big reputation as a long-term stayer that requires little maintenance to keep happy, goes a long way for an inexperienced rider and is easy on the budget, too.
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