The 2009 Harley-Davidson Road King

The Harley-Davidson Road King, collective amusement probably shouldn't bode well when a bike gets wheeled off the back of a pickup, but everyone just took a step back, and laughed. Then there was a bundle to grab the key. The Harley-Davidson Road King represents everything the Fat-Boy isn't, but there's a kitsch-cool to the monstrous Harley that allows you to ignore the rules on taste and decency.

The V-twin 1,584cc engine lunges around in the frame at idle, forcing your retina to do the same, but it's smooth and torquey on the hoof – if a little quiet on the standard wrist-twist. There's no escaping the pageant of riding a Road-King either. While most people won't give you a moment's notice on a sportbike, everyone notices this city bus, and you always get a smile, even if it's given a little ironic.

The Harley-Davidson Road King is surprisingly rewarding out on the road. The only major handling flaw is its propensity for shaking the bars mid-corner if the surface isn't smooth, but it's otherwise predictably ponderous, but tight. The footboards scrape Tarmac with extraordinary readiness, yet it behaves well when they're down, and pick up nicely on the power as you exit bends.
  • The real deal; this is a proper Harley-Davidson
  • Actually cool, whoever you are, whatever you ride.
The suspension isn't as crude as many cruisers, and comfort levels are high once your body gets used to the alien riding position. There's enough mirror-finish chrome to keep even the vainest narcissist happy, and the massive screen means no flies can commit suicide on your face. The Harley-Davidson Road King is all about top fun in small doses.Tag: Harley-Davidson Road-King V-Twin 1584cc Cruiser
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