The 1962 Parilla 250 Wildcat Scrambler - Historical Dirt Bike

<img width="200" height="111" class="floatleft" src="" alt="" />Most serious motorcycle collectors concede that the Parilla 250 Wildcat is a cult collector bike. The Parilla 250 Wildcat is a “high-cam,” 250cc dirt bike that came with the road race engine from the relatively expensive Parilla Grand Sport model. The Parilla 250 Wildcat Scrambler was built strictly for the American market.

Moto Parilla was founded in 1946 in Milan, Italy by Giovanni Parrilla. Giovanni created a full-bore, thoroughbred, 250cc overhead-camshaft racer that was soon rivaling Moto Guzi for the checkered flag. In the years to follow, the Parilla engine would shrink to 175cc, yet power was increased to over 20 horsepower. In 1958, Giovanni traveled to America with Parilla factory rider Giuseppe Rottigne to race the 250cc Daytona Grand Prix. Unknown in America, the 175cc Parilla machine won the 250cc Grand Prix by a convincing margin.
With scrambles gaining popularity, the American distributor, Cosmopolitan Motors, requested a dirt with a full 250cc engine. Moto Parilla decided to use the same engine as on their Parilla Grand Sports road racing machine. In the days before the two-stroke revolution, the Parilla'ss prime competition in the 250cc class was the Triumph Cub. Racing the Parilla Wildcat Scramblers against the smaller Triumph Cubs was like stealing candy from a baby. And, even though the Parilla Wildcat costed nearly double the Triumph Cub, it sold quite well.

Unfortunately for Parilla, by the mid '60s two-stroke Bultacos, Greeves, Ossas, Husqvarnas and Czs would render the four-stroke Parillas obsolete. The company went under in 1967.
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