Teknic Violator Denim Motorcycle Jeans

Teknic gear have a range of Kevlar armored - lined jeans styles and colors to delight all you fashion conscious, motorcycle speed demons, while offering protection from the loss of your skin should fate not smile on you while riding your motorcycle.

Kevlar jeans have been on the market for years now and I've met about a dozen riders who have actually tested them, by actual accidents, and state that you'd be insane not to wear them when motorcycling.

It's taken a while, but the styles of the now-a-day available Kevlar jeans finally started to reflect fashion trends and choices are available for the discerning motorcyclists being male or female.

One of my friends has always complained about his popular Kevlar jeans being like wearing pants made from 'heavily starched canvas'. They aren't new jeans either; they've been around for years.

I've been testing a pair of the Teknic Violator Denim motorcycle jeans and found them to be as comfortable as any street wear. The leg cut allows you to tuck them into your boots comfortable, plus there are enough wide belt loops to keep them hitched in the place when in riding position on a sportsbike.

Most of my recent riding has been on an Adventure motorcycle, and while I have no intention of skidding down the road for you, I have noticed that the Kevlar motorcycle jeans offer ample protection from flying stones, and, when off the beating track, protruding branches etc... The seat, hips and sides of the knees are reinforced with Kevlar armor; and, leather overlays in the wear areas. The Kevlar used is the real thing from the official manufacturer official Du Pont Kevlar™.

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