New Technology – Motorcycle Helmet as Speaker

Bluetooth streaming of music into your helmet can be hampered by tiny, low-quality speakers. There just isn't any room to jam in bigger 'high-quality' speakers without being uncomfortable.

Now a German company has invented a system where 'good vibrations' turn the whole helmet into a giant speaker system. It is a device that attaches to the outside of the helmet and uses a magnetic mechanism to produce surface transduction, which transmits vibrations through the helmet.

Music is streamed to the system from a smart-phone by Bluetooth and controlled using an app (Android and iPhone) so no cables involved

The CEO of the German company, who is also a passionate motorcyclist said she was fustrated with the sound quality in her helmet and cumbersome cables and speakers. She says the new system turns the whole helmet into an acoustic resonating body with good audio quality.
'It's like being in a soundbox,' she says. 'The whole helmet is the acoustic resonance body so you can hear the music from everywhere around you.'

'The best thing is you can feel the bass. The whole helmet vibrates when you hear music with strong bass.'

She hopes to have the system available within a few months, no information about Thai distributor is currently available.
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