The Suzuki Let's - Fuel Efficient City Commuter

In a market where scooters are rapidly being replaced with more fuel efficient models, Suzuki has introduced some time ago the Suzuki Let's scooter. The 112cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with fuel injection is one of the most fuel efficient in the market, Suzuki claims 56 kilometers on a liter fuel (tested by the ECE-40Mode standard).

The typical modern small Suzuki scooter design help it stand out in a crowd of Honda and Yamaha scooters. But we are sure that some have other ideas how the Suzuki Let's would have looked better, most of the time what looks good is very personal.

The Suzuki Let's is available in two versions, one is the Premium version and the other is the Sporty version. While the two models have several small differences in details, the biggest thing what sets them apart is that the Sporty model have spoke wheels and the Premium comes with aluminum-alloy wheels.
The power figures are impressive for a 112cc scooter, but you will not set any speed records also. The engine feels happy doing speeds around 70km/h, which should be more than enough for most city commuters. The Suzuki Let's excels in the ride department. The suspension does a good job of soaking up bumps. The wheelbase is perfect for city riding and this ensures a stable ride at top speed, which is around 100km/h.

The Suzuki Let's is a useful scooter for city traffic, it's light weight, 90 kilograms for the Premium and up one kilogram for the Sporty version. It's a very easy to control scooter, still pretty quick, with excellent suspension and ridability.Tag: Suzuki Let's 112cc Scooter Small-Capacity-Bike Single-Cylinder
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