The Suzuki GD110HU - All-Round Retro Commuter

The Suzuki GD110HU is sold as a retro-style motorcycle, I would more qualify it as a low-budget all-round motorcycle. The Suzuki GD110UH comes with a 113cc, single-cylinder, SOHC, air-cooled engine. The engine is extremely smooth and refined, and the vertically offset single cylinder engine features Suzuki's Advance Lubrication and Cooling System also called SALCS.

The peppy 113cc engine is based on very reliable and proven technology. The combustion chamber is designed with the latest technology and knowledge of fuel consumption. For a 110cc class motorcycle the maximum horsepower produced is pretty good, about 8.4 horses and a bit more torque at 8.7 Nm.

The engine noise and exhaust note is quite refined, and the clutch feels quite light. The Suzuki GD110 features a four-speed fairly slick shifting gearbox, with all 4-gears down gearing pattern.

The Suzuki GD110HU has decent ergonomics with that typical all-round motorcycle upright commuter riding position, the GD110HU rides and handles well, both in the city as well as on the open-road. The 110cc class engine has very good low-end and mid-range grunt – 0 to 60km/h was done in a respectable 7.6 seconds – and it manages to pull off strongly at the twist of the wrist. Power delivery is fairly linear at all times and I was able to max out the motorcycle at 90 km/h (but I'm everything but light-weight).

With the 1215mm wheelbase and its compact dimensions aid in quick change of direction while also offering excellent stability and ride quality.

The drum brakes do their duty without much fuss, especially when you encounter sudden braking situations while riding in the city as well as progressive braking in traffic. Suzuki have made sure that the retro-commuter gets its set of sticky rubber, which provide adequate grip at all times – when pottering through the city as well as riding enthusiastically.

Being a motorcycle that is probably bought as small engine commuter motorcycle, it's very important that the Suzuki GD110HU shines when it comes to fuel efficiency. During the course of the road test, we rode the GD110 quite extensively in Bangkok during rush hours and also managed to take it for a spin on the Bangkok outer-ring road. The Suzuki GD110 returned an overall fuel efficiency figure of 67km/l, what is pretty impressive for a motorcycle equipped with a carburetor.

Of course the best part of the Suzuki GD110HU is the price, you can own one for 39,990 THB and they come in three colors Black, Blue and Red.

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