Suspension Set-Up for Wet Road Conditions

Everyone always talks about how to find the perfect suspension set-up for scratching around in dry and perfect riding conditions. So, what if the conditions are not so perfect, and what can we do to improve our riding during the raining season.

There are a few things you can do – much as you would to a race bike in wet conditions. You can't physically generate more grip from the tires but you can try to get a better feel for how much grip there is.

Generally the best way to get this is to soften things off. You're not going to be accelerating as hard or leaning as much, although you'll probably brake just as hard. As such most of the changes are aimed at the rear end. You can back off the preload a little bit and open the compression and rebound settings too. Not lots, just couple of clicks or a 1¼ turn. This doesn't work the tire as hard and should increase your confidence.
You can open the hydraulic adjusters at the front a bit too, but less than at the rear. That's about it, although if you've sat the motorcycle on its nose for the dry season, taking some ride height out might be a good idea too.
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