Suspension On Your Second Hand Motorcycle

One thing that's never really thought about, when buying a second-hand motorcycle, is the state that the suspension could possibly be in. We're all guilty of it time and again – you buy a motorcycle and get used to it as it comes.

There's nothing wrong with that in itself, but the fact remains that refreshing its suspension could prove revelatory. Never mind the possibility that one of its previous owners could have given amazing opportunities, stock shocks on a great many motorcycles leave a lot to be desired. A few years ago we heard that one manufacturer paid just 600 THB per rear shock for a very popular sportsbike sold in Thailand. It performed well as new, but after only just a couple of years the shocks are nothing like when they where new.

Likewise, getting a new rear shock could be just the ticket for your trackdays, too. A more sophisticated action, extra adjustability and, of course, a big bling factor, could really pay dividends for you.
So whether you want a new shock for your road going motorcycle or better performance on track, you can buy shock absorbers from super expensive to the more functional and affordable for you to peruse. There are, of course, other ways of refreshing and upgrading your existing suspension, but we'll cover that another time.Tag: Suspension Shocks Shock-Absorbers Sportsbike Second Hand Used Quality
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