Superstition, Myths, and Black Magic

We just love believing in popular tales that have formed – often times, the most ludicrous – myths. If your business isn't doing well, you mustn't be praying right or donating enough to the temples. Pray and splurge at temples to gain some better luck. Not finding the right life partner – well, keep a fast one day a week and your problem will be solved. Oh, and pick any day – after all, each day can be lucky or unlucky. Our belief in ancient rituals of varying origins means that we rely on myths to conduct our everyday life. If a black cat crosses your path, for instance, you're simple dammed.

Not get me wrong I have nothing against religion, but all that superstition, myths and dark magic is going to far for me.

You would think that increasing levels of eduction might lead to this phenomenon declining, but you'd be wrong. This lunacy continues to be a central part of how we function as a society, and the automotive industry is no stranger to it either – with people propagating their own set of beliefs on what they think is right or wrong. So, one gets to hear all kinds of nonsense about motorcycle, technology, safety, and so on. Add for the sake of being polite, it's best to remain civil and just walk away to conduct a conversation elsewhere.
Some of the most popular ones are, 'Oh tubeless tires are useless in Thailand.' When asked why, 'They can't be repaired easily,' is the answer. Of course, we prefer standing like fools on the side of the road while waiting for someone to come and change our tire for us, rather than accept the convenience of tubeless tires that deflate slowly and enable one to reach a tire shop or a petrol station where you can repair the tire yourself with some relative simple tools. But since an uncle's, son, s, aunt heard from her neighbor's pet monkey, who sometimes eats a banana at the local motorcycle repair shop that tubeless tires are bad, it must be true.

And, very frequently, there are new ones that people come up with that could completely baffle someone with even half a brain, I mean there's a reason none of the world's biggest motorcycle manufacturers use Xenon headlights without mounting expensive projector lamps within the headlamp casings. But, we can do without any such expensive nonsense. We'll simply mount them in our regular headlights, and blind every single oncoming vehicle. After all, one should concern oneself more with looking cool rather than safety, which is for pansies anyway. It's easy to see that these cheap Chinese Xenon lights hamper vision more than they enhance it, but the average buyer simply doesn't get it – or have any interest in understanding it.

How we completely discard safety – of oneself, and those around us – is simply shocking, and shows a complete disregard for life.
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