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I've liked motorcycles for years but have never taken my test. I never had the chance to ride motorcycles when I was younger because my dad was against it. His friend died in a motorcycle crash, so he believes they're bad, even though he himself owned motorcycles back in his younger years.

When I was young, I liked anything with wheels, so I became a car mechanic, which I love doing. I'm now 37 years old; I've got a gorgeous wife, two step-daughters, and a son, who's 16 months old. But I still find myself drawn to motorcycles, so I had a chat with a local motorcycle repair shop, one that has a really good reputation. I asked the owner if I could help out when I'm not at my usual job, and he said yes.
After a few weeks of helping out and meeting other motorcyclists, I found a training center and asked about the test. They told me all about it, and I booked an assessment day to find out how many lessons I'd need. It was decided I needed four days to get my drivers license. I know many locals never do a training before applying for a license, but I guess I still hear somewhere in the back of my head the words my dad said.

The riders training is not cheap and, with my wife and dad against it, I had no choice but to find money elsewhere. So I sold some of my stuff to friends. I'm not happy to see my stuff gone, but I have no choice – needs must! I'd like to say thanks to the motorcyclists I spoke to and the guys at the motorcycle shop. Steven.
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