The Stella 150 Classic Scooter - Full Metal Vintage Scooter

Some of you maybe already seen the new Stella 150 Classic Scooter, but what is it? The Stella 150 is probably the only real modern full metal body vintage scooter. The Stella 150 is not just another copy of a classic style from Italy. The design of the Stella 150 is purely Italian, the design, the colors and the charm is unmistakable.

The link to Italian doesn't stop with the design only, so is the front disc brake manufactured by Grimeca, Grimeca started out as a precision mechanics business back in 1950 Rovigo, Italy – they are famous for creating the first disc brake hub for the Ducati 860 GT. The suspension of the Stella 150 is by shocks from another quality company called Gabriel® who manufacturers performance shocks in Cleveland, USA for more than 100-years...

The Stella 150 Classic Scooter is manufactured by the Indian company LML who started in 1984 the production of scooters after signing an agreement with Piaggio, Italy. Currently LML exports the Stella 150 Classic Scooter to Italy, England, and some other European countries, Japan, USA, New-Zealand, and now also to Thailand. Compared to the classic Vespa/Piaggio design LML introduced new features such as disc brakes, electric starter, digital ignition and automatic lubrication.
Stella 150 Classic Scooter is powered by a 147,7cc, air-cooled, four-stroke engine which is remarkable good on fuel economics. The 4-speed manual gear transmission is also uniquely classic, it's something you need to get used too, but the 'twist grip' shifting works perfectly... hard to understand why motorcycle manufacturers ever stopped using 'twist grip' shifting design.

On the road the Stella 150 Classic Scooter is amazing, and I finally understand why so many people still love riding this style of scooters they are easy to handle and super stable – the Made in USA Gabriel suspension is really impressive. The front disc and rear drum brake work very well, as expected. On the centerstand the Stella 150 is also as solid as a house – you can load whatever on it or children can hang on the handlebar and you never have to worry the scoot could fall over.

Even the Stella 150 Classic Scooter is great to tour the countryside in the weekend, it's powerful enough to accelerate and keep a safe cruising speed and the Stella 150 Classic Scooter comes with a spare-wheel/tire, which also doubles as counterweight for the engine, the spare-wheel can be used to replace the front or rear wheel and no mechanical knowledge is needed, with a few bolts (the wrench needed for the bolts is included) you can remove and replace the wheels when the scoot is standing on the centerstand.
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