Stay Alert When Riding your Motorcycle

When at pace on road or track, concentration is extremely important. Lose it for a second and we all know what can happen. You can't do much about some distractions, some females on the side of the road, for example, but we can make sure we re as comfortable as possible and not worrying about unnecessary issues.

It may sound obvious but only wear motorcycle gear that fits. If your motorcycle boots are too small or lid too big, sooner or later you'll be thinking about them at the wrong time. Similarly, make sure you're happy with the condition of your motorcycle.
If you're trying to listen to a new rattle, worrying about missing the last service or simply having to adjust lever span on the move you've also wasting valuable brain power. Another thing to remember is motorcycling is supposed to be a hobby. Don't ever feel pressured into riding....

Track days can be a lot of fun but if you've injured your back at work or caught a cold or eat something wrong the day before stay at home... Most accidents on the track happen because the riders lost concentration...
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NC30 love

Tuesday, 18 September 2012 @ 05:17 PM ICT
Good advice.

Concentrating for long periods of time is very difficult. Your brain gets tired long before your body does on long rides. When you find your mind wondering during a ride, it's time to pull over for a break and some sugary drinks.

I've seen many good riders make silly mistakes on long rides through fatigue. Recognise the signs and do something about it before you end up as a statistic.

Happy riding, keep it rubber side down.


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