Static Sag for Small Motorcycle and Scooters

Most motorcycle owners are not really sure what would be a good baseline static sag setting for the suspension. Static sag is how much your motorcycle settles on its suspension with you or the rider in the seat.

A good amount of motorcycles sold in Thailand are not set-up for the average European or American rider, which results in a suspension that works less correct.
For that reason a rider of average build will require less static sag than would normally be specified. You will want no more than around 27mm at the front and 8mm at the rear end. If you find that it's topping out, just reduce the preload.

Typical road legal motorcycles settings would be 30mm at the front and 10 to 14mm at the rear, so you see the difference in sag required on a softly sprung motorcycle. If you're riding a small Thai scooter or stepthrough motorcycle, and a bit on the heavy side, you maybe need aftermarket rear-shocks… Most small scooters sold in Thailand have a maximum load capacity around 110 kilogram.Tag: Suspension Static-Sag Small-Capacity-Bike Setup Adjustment Shock Front-Forks Stepthrough Scooter Sprung
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