Starting with Data-Logging

While the data-logging market is small compared to leathers, exhausts and other aftermarket parts, I still speak regularly with people who want to start logging their motorcycle. My answer is always the same – start simple.

That's where 2D Kit System logger comes in. It's far more capable than the cheap systems people typically buy as their first logger, but it's easier to use as a beginner than the 'full' 2D system.

So what do you get? The Kit-System comes as a basic kit, with optional extras – so you don't pay for what you don't need. The one I've got here is the kit, plus a lap beacon. You get the data-logger itself and a mini-dash that can display things like water temperature, wheel speed and lap times. You also get a wheel speed sensor and a loom that taps into the motorcycle's own signals like water temperature, throttle position, rpm, rear wheel speed.
Like all software, the 2D setup can appear hard to use at first. But it doesn't take long to pick up the basics, and 2D has restricted the system so you can change what you need to change without buggering anything up.

This means you'll be looking at the same screens as MotoGP teams do, but if you want more, you can build the system up to whatever level you want.
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