The Stallions Iron One - Classic 250cc Hardtail Chopper

Not much people would expected a American Chopper styled bike from Thai manufacturer Stallions Motorcycles. Meet the Stallions Iron One, a 250cc single-cylinder SOHC classic school chopper, complete with its hard tail and raked-out forks.

With the Stallions Iron One you get a tubular steel hardtail chopper chassis, raked-out forks, wire wheels, front and rear disc brakes, a peanut fuel tank, performance air filter, solid 'feet-forward' footpegs, a sprung single seat and lots of nice classic chopper custom details.

Weighing just over 120 kilograms the Stallions Iron One is light on the move and easy to paddle around. The 630mm seat is low, so even the shortest of us can get feet flat on the floor at a standstill.

Although small and nimble, it rides like a 'real' custom chopper. Your feet and hands are right out in front of you and at walking pace the handlebars want to flop to the side, thanks to that raked-out front. And at first it's a strange sensation having a spring-loaded seat as your bum wiggles and bounces over bumps, but you soon get used to it. Even without rear suspension the Stallions Iron One handles well enough. Despite the wet, the brakes don't hold any nasty surprises.

Stallions Iron One source a number of engine parts from well known motorcycle manufacturers, so the carburetor equipped Stallion Iron One starts on the button and with its free-flowing air-filter sticking out the side you hear the engine suck and growl on the throttle. The 250cc Stallions Iron One has enough power to keep up with town traffic and is smooth and easy to ride. Of course the classic looking 250cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder, SOHC engine is not really tuned for performance, but cruising around at 100km/h is possible.

The Stallions Iron One is available in 3 colors, Black, White and Yellow, and cost 88,000 THB.

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