Speed-Healer after Gearing Change

I'm really loving the Yamaha FZ1 – far more than I expected to, if I'm honest. With the mods I've made so far, it new feels like 'my' motorcycle, instead of 'a' motorcycle, and it perfectly reflects what I use it for. As a long haul commuter, capable of weekend blasts and back-road scratching, it's perfect.

I'm currently using Michelin Pilot Road 2s, I really do have to revisit them. They're continuing to seriously impress me, and no amount of use in any variety of weather conditions has fazed them yet. I was using them during the rain season, I had them on with 34c degree on all sort of road conditions. The Dunlop Pilot Road 2s just get on with it though. Very impressive tires.

While I'm at it, I'm gonna mention another mod that's still really floating in my mind on every ride. The Yoshimura Tri-Cone is barking mad – literally. The sound is addictive, especially on when hard on the throttle, or completely off it. It barks like a supermoto, and crackles and pops on the overrun like an old rally car.
So, what about this month? The down-gearing changes I made a few weeks back are continuing to impress, but changing the sprocket sizes does result in an inaccurate speedo reading. Thankfully, down-gearing means that your speedo over reads, so no impress your friends with amazing speeds.

The best thing to do, if you want an accurate speed indication, and remove all the doubt and confusion, is to fit a Speedo Healer. The neat little unit is an absolutely simple to fit, taking less than 20 minutes to mount neatly under your seat, and two minutes to program it.

The changes I've made in gearing – one tooth off the front – require a compensation of 5.9%, but the excellent calculator, supplied as a MS-Windows application, also factors in the manufacturer's leeway, and so 10.9% would mean a near as dammit spot on reading from your clocks.
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