So how do we get into Biking

A motorcycle is a portal to adventure, whether it be thrashing round a racetrack, crossing a continent or just riding who-knows-where all afternoon with a bunch of like-minded miscreants. But enough of the inspiration; if you're reading this, you've probably decided that getting a bike will enhance your life. What you need is help making it happen.....

What's been stopping you from getting a bike up until now? 'My family don't want me to,' according to our survey of potential riders. It would seem nothing stands in the way of a dream more than a disinclined partner or parent.

And the main reason for their energy-sapping negativity is fear: they believe motorcycles are loathsome death traps.Department for Transport figures facts don't exactly back this up. Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars, buses and trains, say the statistics, but they're in the same danger-bracket as human powered bicycles. It's also worth mentioning that relative to many other pastimes, bikes are positively safe per hour, you are 21 times more likely to hurt yourself on a horse than on a motorcycle.

When you see these nuggets of truth sinking in, try getting the nay-sayer involved. Invite them to a decent bike shop to see the quality of protective kit and motorcycles available and encourage them to chat with staff and other bikers. With luck this will help prove that modern motorcycles are not wobbly death-traps and that motorcyclists are, on the whole, rational human beings, not the hairy death-wish freaks she imagined.

If you don't have any form of driver license, pickup an application form at your local Department of Land Transportation.
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