The Skully AR-1 - Smart-Helmet with Rearview Camera and More

For just over 40,000 THB you can have the latest in wearable technology - a smartHUD motorcycle helmet. The Skully AR-1 helmet augments navigation, incorporates a ultra wide angle rear view camera and displays riding info on the visor itself. Voice activated commands and smartphone sync means your hands never leave the handlebars.

The Heads Up Display, or HUD, has been slowly evolving beyond gaming and entertainment into real-world applications, including health and safety. As safety features for products become more aligned with technology, they’re looking into ways to make safety smarter. The idea is to let the technology focus on the little things while you pay attention to the road ahead.
Additional to access to the rear view camera the Skully AR-1 also provides the ability to connect to the Internet via your mobile phone. You have GPS navigation inside your helmet and Bluetooth to connect to multiple devices like mobile phone and intercom system. You also get hands-free calling and you can listen to the music that you're streaming from your phone or another Bluetooth device. The Skully AR-1 has also a intelligent audio system, which means when you start talking the sound in the helmet will automatically stop playing...

When it comes to safety the Skully AR-1 has been DOT and ECE certified, and the visor has been developed to reduce fog and condense and is scratching and glare resistant.
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