Simple Modifications for the Ducati 848

Finding cheap upgrades for a Ducati 848 isn't easy, but recently I found a modification that turned out to be a lot of bang for the money I paid.

For starters, I installed a smaller front sprocket that seemed to cure my ailing sixth gear woes. For less than 1,000 Baht, I completely regained used of top gear. Instead of twisting the throttle only to be greeted by a bogging engine followed by a downshift, now at highways speeds I'm right in the hotspot on the rev range. I didn't notice too much of a difference in the other gears, but I'm needing to make more fuel stops. Overall, it's been a great modification for very little money. I wasn't able to replace the rear sprocket simply because I didn't have the right tool.

Another quick and easy modification for not to much money was a set of frame plugs that look trick and went on in just a few minutes.
Next on my list of minor modifications was the front fender. The stock front fender looks cheap. Carbon fiber is the rich man's material this days and I don't want to get caught up replacing every piece where there's better places to reduce weight. The front fender was an exception and the new front fender looks so much better.

Now that I've managed to turn my track beast into a street beauty, I realized I've neglected the other end of the spectrum. I've managed to square off the tires in all my freeway commuting so a new set of tires is on my short list of upgrades. I figured while the rubber is fresh, I 'd head to the track to ride the motorcycle where it was born for...
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