Shoei XR-1100 Helmet Superior to all Others

The Shoei XR-1100 is one of the latest helmets from Shoei, the XR-1100 which the Japanese company claims is superior to all of its previous helmets in every respect.

Intensive preparatory work with CAD programs, in the laboratory and in the Shoei wind tunnel, plus extensive road tests involving our test riders around the globe, resulted in a helmet with an absolutely innovative design.

While that might sound a bit overly dramatic, there's no denying that there's been a lot of work put into the Shoei XR-1100 'the latest addition' to the range. The Shoei XR-1100 features:
A brand new visor mechanism that ensures the helmet's perfect fir, and it is entirely draft-free thanks to the visor's 'suction seal' concept. AN entirely redesigned ventilation system to keep you cool.

A negative pressure system with a special extraction technology to guarantee the effective and continuous discharge of warm air, even at very low speeds.

Adjustable inlet vents on the chin, on the brow, and on the back for outlet vents.

A completely remodeled aerodynamic concept that uses sophisticated spoilers which are integrated in the shell to optimize air flow, making the Shoei XR-1100 helmet extremely stable even at high-speeds.

A low-drag design plus a compact profile that considerably reduces wind noise.
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