The Shoei RF-1100 Full Face Cruiser Helmet

The Shoei RF-1100 full face motorcycle helmet. My brain is my moneymaker so I can't risk any damage to it for fear of bankruptcy. Okay, everybody knowing me can now stop laughing.. a good motorcycle helmet is a serious thing...

Shoei helmets may be better known for protecting racers' heads than the average rider cruising the rural roads of Thailand, but that's where the different lines of helmets come into play.

The Shoei RF-1100 is a full-face motorcycle helmet that was designed specifically for the street rider and costs a good amount less than what the famous racers wear. Still you should expect a price tag of around 19,000 THB.
The Shoei RF-1100 has three intake vents to bring fresh air in and six exhaust ports for shoveling it back ot. Contact wearers will rejoice thanks to the front chin vent that channels air up and along the inside of the windscreen and not directly in your eyes.

With all the vents open, the Shoei RF-1100 helmet flows air fast and cools your head quickly. With all the vents closed, it's super quiet with no unwanted leaks.

World champions trust the safety of a Shoei and its Snell 2010 certified. It's available in fancy colors and designs but of course most of you will go for the simple matte black.
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