The Shoei QWest Passage TC-2 Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets, much like the heads they protect, come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But what really separates the good, the bad, and the ugly? The only true way to choose the right one is to try them on and see which one fits. I've been fortunate enough to be able to have worn lots of motorcycle helmets for my head. And what a head it is at that.

I have a big fat head with short shaved hair. What this means is that many helmets meant for, say, a smaller Asian cranium, won't fit my super-sized Caucasian skull and many inner liners tend to stick to and pull my hair. I'm still getting used to getting bugs in my teeth wearing half head helmets, so when somebody stopped by with a Shoei QWest Passage TC-2, I was anxious to rack up some kilometers behind the facial windscreen.
The Shoei QWest Passage TC-2 is light, comfortable, and most importantly doesn't leave my skull feeling like it's being squeezed in a vise. It isn't the most expensive model that Shoei offers at +/- 15,500 THB, but it has all the safety features of the big boys including the ever-elusive SNELL 2010 safety rating. Ventilation is quick and simple with a single chin and top air inlets pushing air out dual rear vents.

Everything is big and snappy and can be opened and closed while on the move. The flat blue racing striped on the flat black base are subtle enough to work with an all black motorcycle, but offer just a hint of something other than the negative space that my current helmet lineup has. For the money it costs, I can at least feel like the most important parts of my body is protected in the event of something gone wrong.
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