Shoei Helmet X-Spirit replacement cheek pads

Being a parsimonious and frugal man I'm less inclined than some to change helmets at the drop of a hat, even if someone else is footing the bill. To that end my Shoei X-Spirit has been used and the visor mechanism is in tip top nick, the lining has taken a battering from the repeated insertion and removal of my head, itself invariable coated with all manner of hair conditioners and gels.

Rather than change the whole helmet, I opted for a set of new cheek pads. And blow me down but what a difference. The Shoei smells like new again, and putting it on is once more a luxurious and pleasant experience.
It's almost, nearly, like having a new lid for a fraction of the cost. Replacement pads are available for the rest of Shoei's range too, at just over 1050 Baht. But please note new pads aren't a substitute for replacing a bashed, brushed and crashed old lid. Let's be careful out there.

1050 Baht seems expensive but it is not much compared to the near 25,000 Baht I paid for my lid
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