The Shoei GT Air Wanderer - Fits like a Glove

The Shoei GT Air motorcycle helmet. It's the first in the manufacturer's range to feature an integrated sunvisor which offers almost 100% UV protection. Often with these 'integrated' items, they are difficult to open and close while wearing motorcycle gloves on – but not this Shoei GT Air helmet.

The sunvisor on the Shoei GT Air helmet can be used effectively without taking your hands out of your gloves, therefore eliminating the need to pull over and disturb your ride. The padding can be removed from the helmet and washed easily and there are even special little ear pads to help re3duce pesky wind noise.

The Shoei GT Air helmet fastens with a double D fastener for the ultimate secure fit, but unlike many other motorcycle helmets it has an emergency quick release system meaning that should the worst happen and you have an accident, your helmet can be removed easily. There's also an amusingly named 'chin curtain' to reduces wind noise significantly and make you feel more secure.
We received the Shoei GT Air with the Wanderer TC-5 paint scheme, which is matt black, but there are tons of designs including red, yellow (depending on which shirt you support I guess) and there are also many other colors and patterned choices.

The Shoei research and development people have been busy and the shell of the GT Air has been specially designed to be aerodynamic with the vents in strategic places for maximum airflow. Rather than looking strange, the airvents look part of the overall design as well as being practical.

I have worn the Shoei GT Air since we received it, which is about two months ago, and I love it. I like it because it's versatile; doesn't look out of place if I am doing a track day fully suited up or if I am riding a scooter to to local 7/11 convenience store. The Shoei GT Air is comfortable too, other helmets often dig in and leave me with an red mark straight across my forehead whereas the Shoei GT Air fits like a glove and leaves.
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