The Shark Race-R Pro - The Helmet Champions Wear

Sharks as sea creatures have a pretty bad reputation around the world. Shark motorcycle helmets' Race-R Pro, on the other hand, has a first-rate reputation. Even current MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo puts his head inside one.

That's because Shark Helmets take what's good about sharks – their aggressively streamlined bodies – and apply it to design. The result is what Shark calls Computational Fluid Dynamics technology. In other words, the Shark Race-R Pro is very aerodynamic. But unlike real sharks, the helmet also does a good job of protecting your head.

According to Shark, the Race-R Pro has five-star crash-test shock resistance, a class-one optically correct visor, a 1.6 kilograms carbon-aramid shell, multi-axial fibers, four anchor points for the visor safety lock, and four venturi extraction points.

It's also available in black carbon skin, white and matte black and is Bluetooth compatible. It's the closest thing you'll get to a shark with no risk for your life.

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