The Shark Evoline 3 - Perfect Motorcycle Helmet

Full face or open face – your choice. The big sell is that the Shark Evoline 3 comes with a safety certificate as both a full face and open face motorcycle helmet. With the chin bar flipped up and over the crown it is a genuine dual purpose motorcycle helmet which can be worn fully closed or open depending on the conditions. And the transformation is slick and quick enough to counter that dreaded moment when you're wearing a full face helmet and feel there's a big sneeze coming up.

The Shark Evoline Series 3 features a number of upgrades from the previous version. Firstly, it's 200 grams lighter at 1,715 grams which is always a bonus. Secondly the helmet is now more oval and less round which, when coupled with the softer microfiber lining, which is removable and washable, makes for a more comfortable fit for the average shaped head, leading to less noise and turbulence.
Further improvements come from features such as removable cut outs for intercom equipment, side channels for slotting through the arms of glasses and the 'auto up' facility where the visor raises with the chin bar.

In use the Shark Evoline 3 helmet offers a great field of vision with the chin bar down and better still with it raised, wet weather misting is minimal and ventilation spot on. Worth adding to any short list with the main proviso: 'does it fit my head shape?'Tag: Shark Evoline 3 Helmet Full-Face-Helmet Open-Face-Helmet Safety Glasses Friendly Helmet
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