The Shark Evoline 3 - Excellent Flip-Front Helmet

I sometimes sit on my motorcycle, dreaming of the perfect helmet to wear while riding. Let's see, I need an open face helmet so I can take photos without removing it. But I like a full face for inclement weather such as rain – and for excessive heat. If it's convertible from one to the other, that conversion should be quick and easy. The helmet should be comfortable to put on, take off and wear – especially with specs. Off course it should be safe with universally accepted test identificaton, and quiet. Last but certainly not least it should look good and stay that way for a while.

Enter the Shark Evoline 3 motorcycle helmet. I was heading off to Chiang Rai from Bangkok and another rider suggested I give the Shark Evoline 3 a try. It would, he reckoned, meet all of my requirements.

I put the helmet through what I can only describe as a intense test, we admittedly didn't have any real cold and not any serious amount of rain, but we did have the kind of heat that really tests a helmet.
But let's go through this in detail. Unlike other flip-front helmets, the Evoline 3 motorcycle helmet has Shark's interesting and effective 'storage' system for the chin bar, which flips right over your head and practically becomes part of the helmet's shell at the back. That is what gives you the choice of open or full face; it is very easy to make the change – you only need one hand – and it opens the visor on or off. The Shark Evoline 3 is also easy to get on or off, and its provision for spectacle arms makes it comfortable for people who wear glasses. There is one problem, at least for me with my big head. When I put the helmet on while wearing glasses, one rm always ends up being pushed down to below my ear. I have to slide the glasses out and re-insert them, which is easy enough.

I probably don't need to mention that a helmet from a prestigious manufacturer like Shark has all the approvals, including a Thai certificate, you'd ever want, and the helmet not only looks good but looks like staying that way for quite a while – how do you like the 5 year warranty?

A long time user of the Shark Evoline 3 helmet told me that the helmet has a faster opening chin bar, reduced noise and improved aerodynamics in both full face and in open face position than previous versions. I can't comment, not having owned a Shark flip-front before, but I was certainly happy with the opening, noise and aerodynamics. The Shark Evoline 3 helmet does not lift even at 160km/h. It has been compliance tested in both open face and full face configurations.

Ventilation has also apparently been improved and works well. The helmet is made from injected thermoplastic resin, has outside anti-fog visor treatment, an integrated sun visor and a quick release visor system. What's more, you can pull the lining out and wash it, which is something I really appreciated after those tropical days riding.Tag: Shark Evoline Helmet Lid Flip-Front Full-Face-Helmet Open-Face-Helmet Glasses Friendly Helmet
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