Secondhand Ducati 748 Biposto

Ducati 748 Biposto, this motorcycle is the best 750cc I've ridden. The Ducati was manufactured from 1995 to 1999. Although the Ducati 748 Biposto, as a model, remained available until 2003.

At first sight it's your poor men's Ducati 916. But have another look and you discover that the chassis is, with exception of a narrower 180-section Pirelli Dragon and a lighter chain, identical to the exquisite bigger Duke. Same chrome-molly trellis frame, Showa suspension and top quality Brembo brakes; same adjustable head angle geometry and dimensions.

The eight-valve 90-degree angle V-twin Desmo is no sleeve-down job either. The Ducati 748 Biposto has lighter flywheels and a shorter stroke, new cylinders, pistons and conrods with a compression ratio of 11.5:1, were cunningly installed to make it rev 2000rpm harder, all the way up to 11,000rpm, transforming it, in Ducati terms, into a thrash-happy nutter.
For Ducati, the Ducati 748 Biposto was at the time the lumpy grunty one. Below 4000rpm it's a bit messy compared to purring fours from around the same time. By 6000rpm, though, the fuel injectors are squirting with in-your-face precision and the Ducati 748 Biposto is making you feel like you take-off.

At this point the Ducati 748 presents options; you can either short-shift 6-speed gear the superb, short-travel gear lever and throb off to the shops, or fold yourself round the wasted tank and thrash the nuts off it.

It's an inspired blend of traditional Ducati stomp and revs. The Ducati 748's torque curve dominates over other bikes, from the mid '90's, in the same class. With 97 horses running the Ducati 748 Biposto can easily get to 240km/h
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