The Rev-It Sand - Textile Motorcycle Jacket

The Rev-It Sand Motorcycle Jacket is the replacement of the well-loved Rev-It Off-Track Jacket. Another Adventure riding jacket gets the full spectrum of environmental testing. Three hours riding in the rain, a bit of storm and tropical heat, I wear my jackets the whole day, on or off the motorcycle, and the Rev-It Sand motorcycle jacket is no different.

I'm still wearing it, so it must be good. Let's go through its many facets.

It claims to be waterproof, and I have to agree. I've been through some shocking weather and the Rev-It Sand jacket stood up to everything. The only weak points are the bits where the gloves and pants interface. You can zip the jacket together with a set of Rev-It pants, but I found this a little uncomfortable.

Rev-It Sand jacket claims to keep the temperature stable, and I can vouch for this. There are three layers to this jacket and each does its job. The outer membrane keeps the wind and rain out, while the inner layer is snug too. I perhaps got a size too small because after I dress up in my undergarments, it's a tight fit at the neck, but the collar is adjustable – a neat touch. The Rev-It Sand textile jacket is not the coolest, or best ventilated jacket I've worn, but it's close.
It's safe, so Rev-It say. CE protection at the shoulders and elbows fits well and doesn't wonder, but I've yet to test it to destruction. I removed the foam back protector and replaced it with an aftermarket one early on.

Rev-It claims, the Sand jacket is well ventilated and when you ditch the thermal inner layer and open the ventilation zips up I can't see why it wouldn't be.

I think that the Rev-It Sand motorcycle-jacket looks pretty good too. The black, with grey shoulder and white arms panels can get a bit dirty, but a wash and re-protect soon gets it looking good again. The pockets are big and usefully placed, two of them are waterproof too (good for your mobile phone).

The downside of the Rev-It Sand jacket is that it's not a cheap motorcycle jacket, but if you're riding in Thailand the whole year round, a good motorcycle jacket, is not something you should skimp on. If you interested in the REV'IT! Sand Motorcycle Jacket
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