Retro-fit ABS Pro for BMW Motorcycles

BMW introduced Race ABS for street-legal motorcycles back in 2009 on the BMW S1000RR, and at the time it was easily the most refined ABS package that BMW had ever produced. With the BMW S1000RR now five years old, the German automotive company has released the retro-fitable ABS Pro.

The ABS Pro was initially reserved for owners of the BMW HP4, but with plans for it ft filter down to regular SS and R models, the ABS Pro unit allows cornering and ABS activation at the same time. For a long time, the key difference between car and motorcycle ABS was exactly that, cars were able to brake and steer at the same time, while motorcycle ABS could only cope with the demands of stopping a motorcycle in a straight line.
The new BMW ABS Pro unit uses existing sensors used for the traction control system. It's designed for road use rather than track use and limits the amount of brake pressure applied to the caliper depending on lean angle. The ABS pressure modulation is also more even, increasing rider stability and reducing your chances of bad things happening when you grab a handful of brake mid corner.

BMW was keen to make the point that the ABS Pro system does not defy physics and it is still possible for you to fall off. But we're going to stick to the logic of it being witch craft and say that it'll make falling off a BMW even harder than it currently is. It's worth nothing that the BMW ABS Pro function is not supported in Race or Slick modes, only Rain and Road, as it genuinely has been developed to help road riding rather than race or track riding. Available as a retro fit option for the BMW HP4 from the end of October, expect it to be available for other models from early 2015.
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