Replace your Brake Pads On Time

One of my motorcycles has embarrassed itself slightly at the back. A rumbling sound on the brakes around 2900 kilometers alerted me to the fact that the rear brake pads were worn right down to the metal. Now I admit that I'm quite heavy on the back brake, using it loads when cutting through traffic. But less than 3000 kilometers is a new record for wear – so if you use your rear brake often, it's worth checking the rear brake pads before they get down to the metal like mine.

Changing the rear brake pads was simple enough, although I was cursing the single-sided swingarm design again. It robs you of space to work. And the underslung caliper also acts like a trap for gunk and water and dirt, making it a real mess to clean.
But a paintbrush and some brake cleaner soon had it cleaned up. Two 14mm bolts and two 4mm Allen bolts hold it all together, so it's a ten or fifteen minute job to swap out the old rear brake pads.

I had some new carbon sintered street brake pads for the back, and they were on in a trice, and bedded in about 20 to 25 kilometers riding in Bangkok Songkran traffic, with all the water on the roads and people throwing water at me I used my rear brake the most to keep the motorcycle stable.
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