Replace the Fairing after Crashing your Motorcycle

Repairing your motorcycle after it went down on the tarmac is expensive, especially when the fairing is damaged beyond repair. It takes zillions of time to get the right fairing parts send to Thailand, and, often than you would like some necessarily small part always seems missing – or needed ordering separately...

Luckily, some online sellers understand that and sale Hot Bodies Racing Sets, which are complete packages with easy-to-install bodywork especially for repairing crash damage for popular motorcycle models. They are flexible, durable and lightweight (often lighter than the original fairing). The crash-fairing repair kits include body upper, lower, tail section, fender, clear Super Sport windscreen, and an oil-containment lower belly pan. Pieces are gray-primered outside and black-primered inside.
For on of our clients we ordered a crash damage fairing replacement kit for his 2008 Honda CBR600. The fairing replacement kit is made from four-harness fiberglass cloth to increase durability, reduce weight, and add structural integrity to these pieces. Each piece’s leading edges and mounting seams are triple-reinforced, and all mounting bosses are reinforced with carbon fiber. The manufacturer claims that the fairing replacement kits are around 4 kilograms lighter than OE fairing while offering more strength and durability.

The only downside of using the Hot Bodies Racing fairing sets is that they are meant for use on the race-track. Because of this they will not include a headlight cut out. If you want to use the fairing kit for a regular motorcycle you need to cut out the opening for your headlight then you could use them on the street. Also if you buy the Hot Body Racing Set, not forget to order a Pro bolt for complete bolt and washer kits for your year, make and model of motorcycle. If you're interested in the Hot Bodies Faring Replacement Set take a look.
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