Replace Ball Bearings for your Motorcycle

So you need a new ball bearing for your Honda this or Ducati that, you say? Actually what you need is the same type of generic bearing your motorcycle’s manufacturer used.

Very few bearings are unique to a motorcycle or manufacturer, although the prices dealers charge can be uniquely rude or even ridicules priced up to 15 times the cost of the OEM value

By cracking the code stamped on the bearing, you can buy from a bearing manufacturer, engineer part store, or online. Just be sure to stick with name brands like SKF, FAG, Kyoto or NKE.
If the first of four numbers is 6 it means single row; 5 is double row. Three numbers mean that it’s heavy duty. If the second number is 2 it means ‘light’, 3 is medium.

The next two numbers denote the inner diameter, 00 – 10mm, 01 = 12mm, 02 = 15mm, 03 = 17mm, 04 = 20mm. If they’re 05 or higher, multiplying by five gives the bore. For example, 05 – 25mm.

Then there are the suffix letters. The most common are RS for seal and Z for shield. A ‘2’ in front of the suffix means a double seal or shield. Now you can stride into the bearing shop brim full of confidence.Tag: Maintenance Bearing Ball-Bearing Roller-Bearing Service Mechanical Manufacturer
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