Reassembling the Honda CBR600FM Carburator Bank

Reassembling a CBR600FM carburetor bank proves a contortionery tale. Two months ago I had to use a crowbar to heave off the CBR's carburetors, without a thought about how I'd refit them. Strangely, I only accepted that it might not be easy after 45 minutes of forearm-bulging struggle had located just one carburetor in its correct position..

I then smeared the rubber connectors with washing-up liquid, the exact formula is top secret, and tried again to no luck. At this moment I had the feeling that it would be a bit more work that I original had planned.

Then, reasoning that the rubber had hardened with age, I heated them up with the miss's her hairdryer and tried again. This got two located but no way were the remaining pair going in. Let's think about this logically:
I require a large padded surface to push down on the carburetor mouths and a way of levering this surface towards the engine, ideally using the frame spars as purchase.

And so it was that anyone peering into my shed would have seen me sitting on the carburetor bank, hands reaching down and below to gasp the frame, my forehead resting on the clocks, wobbling energetically fore and aft shouting 'get in you obstinate bastard'.

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