Rear Wheel Alignment and Spaced Correctly

It's very important to have your rear wheel spaced properly in the chassis. When done correctly, the rear wheel will be in line with the backbone, which is in line with the neck and also the front end and tire. By doing this, your motorcycle will handle and perform properly and track straight while going down the road. So we decided that we will tell you how to space the rear wheel correctly.

With the tire in the frame and the axle installed, use a piece of wire or string and make a loop at one end. Pull taught on the string and sight in into the center of the backbone, then adjust the rear tire to center on the string. Now the tire is centered in the chassis.

Of course you could use rear tire laser alignment tools, but we assume that you not have them laying around. Now that you have centered the rear wheel in the chassis by using the string, it's time to measure for the wheel spacers. Measure with a machinist rule here.
Now that you have your measurements for your wheel spacers, you can either go to your local motorcycle shop and buy them, or go to your local machinist and have them made, or make them yourself if you have the tools available.

With your new wheel spacers in hand, you can install your rear wheel properly. Torque your rear axle to factory specifications, and recheck your rear wheel alignment with your string to make sure everything is still centered in the chassis.

With everything torqued and aligned, you can install your chain to check alignment. Now that the rear wheel is properly aligned you can take your motorcycle for a spin and check the handling...
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