The RST Stunt Pro Boots - Comfortable Short Boots

The RST Stunt Pro Boot are short boots which have a lot going for them if you are the kind of rider that is off the motorcycle more than on it with your riding gear on. Monday to Friday my trips are short, there’s the occasional visit to an government office or high rise building which include often way to much walking for regular motorcycle boots. I like to feel protected, but at times have gone for comfort over protection because, well, it feels better.

The Stunt Pro boot from RST isn’t the kind of boot you could hike in, but it’s as comfortable as a set of motorcycle boots can get. More importantly, it’s as safe as boots come from when you are on the motorcycle – or come damn close of it.

They’re longer than your typical work boots, extending up the shin a good length, so a good set of riding jeans will easily cover the tops. They have a lace and Velcro fastening system where the laces tighten the boot securely under your ankle, while the thick Velcro strap secures it snugly on the bottom of your leg.
With such a firm, secure fit they aren’t going to ever slip off.

The lining is plush and very snug. The weather the last few days wasn’t warm enough to tell you how they’re fare on one of the hot days, but in confident it will be acceptable.

The construction material of the boot is full-grain cowhide and on the inside is a 3D mesh inner lining. There is a toe scuff pad that will ensure they gear lever doesn’t wear through them and riders with right-foot gearshifts will be happy to see the toe pad on the right boot too! A memory foam in the ankle cuff is both comfortable and feels protective. Inside the boot, an arch support is a boon for people like me who have high arches.

The RST Stunt Pro boot is excellent for riding in a city as Bangkok. Safe, comfortable on the motorcycle or off it and easy on the eye. Bapa Moto is the Thai distributor for RST and has several dealers in Thailand.Tag: RST Stunt-Pro Boots Protective Safety Gear Footwear
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