RS Taichi Race Leathers - Perfect Motorcycle Suits

For many, the buck seems to stop with Italian leather suit manufacturers. However, Japanese firm RS Taichi produces some of the highest quality products on the market, and have done for many years. Take for example, the GP-Max R070 and R100 suits. Beautifully constructed from top grade full-grain leather, Keprotec stretch panels, Neoprene comfort zones, CE armor including back protector, removable inner liner, neck support, and a choice of fewer than 34 different of the rack sizes, all making for a top notch ultra safe and practical race suit.

However, what really makes the RS Taichi GP-Max R070 and R100 motorcycle suits stand out from the crowd is the addition f the integrated T-RAPS airbag protection system. Hidden behind a panel in the chest and shoulders, the CO2 canister is stowed in the hump and a wire coil attached to the motorcycle.
In the event of rider and motorcycle parting company in a crash, the double air cushion will be deployed, filling up the gap between shoulder and helmet to stop head shaking and prevent serious neck injury. You not need to worry if you forget to disconnect the wire coil attached to your motorcycle, it needs some serious force to deploy the airbag.

With a distributor and RS Taichi dealer in Bangkok, Thailand, perhaps this is one that needs to go on the list for birthday presents...
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