Puma Hypersport 1000 motorcycle boots

That familiar swish from sole to ankle immediately marks these boots as being fashionable attire. All the kids are wearing Puma sneakers and their growth into the motorsport world is massive.

With the cars conquered, Puma set their sights on our motorcycle world and their first attempt was the 1000 motorcycle boot. The latest model is the Puma Hypersport 1000 motorcycle boot from Puma. So they're new and funky, but are they an good?

They're comfortable, I'll give them that. The Neoprene inner makes the boots fit like a glove. Or should that be a sock? Anyway, I thought the Neoprene would make my feet sweaty and horrible, but they don't and you really can spend all day in them.

But are they safe too? Well, there's enough protection around to make them pretty crash-proof.
The 'Ghost Doctor' ankle protection, which wraps round the ankle and shin, stops any bone-breaking movement in a crash, and allied to reinforced heels, toe box and impact absorbers, they crash pretty well. I should know, I came off a Yamaha YZF-R1 at 120km/h last year and escaped with concussion to me head but I could still do the tango.

But they do wear well? Well, not particularly. Black and ight gray, highlights dirt and after my first ever session in them, they looked scruffy. Then the plastic plates on the inside of the boot catch easily on a bike's frame and pull off. I've lost one on one side, and the other one is forever popping out.

But do I like them? Yes, I do. I wouldn't wear them if I didn't. Bear in mind that these Hypersport 1000 boots are Puma's second generation of motorcycle boots are the first incarnation of motorcycle race boots from Puma, and they've done a pretty good job.
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