Problems with Paint for your Motorcycle?

If you think that there's nothing too special about paint, you've never used special paint. I want want to tell you about getting a perfect match to your motorcycle's body or fairing color.

If you've had a minor indiscretion, want to touch-up stone chips or paint that new alien lookalike paint combination for your motorcycle, or want to upgrade your 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R to the latest color combination, you need to guarantee the color you use is the same as the manufacturer's original shade.

This is where the specialist paint people come in, as they can mix up any paint. If you have a stock motorcycle, there will probably already be a color code for that machine which will make life very easy.
If you have a custom paint job, incredibly they can still match it. Most of this paint shops you can find around Bangkok have the paint available in either 500ml tins for airbrushing or even touch up pens for those small marks. Some of this paint shops can even supply you with regular 300ml pressured spray paint canisters.

With a guaranteed match, you could even have a go at painting rims or huggers. Another option, especially good if the damage to the paint is very limited, is to look at the nail-polish selection at the local department store. Apparently, the nail-polish colors which match popular motorcycle colors seem to be always available with discounted prices.
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